Immerse Yourself in the History

And the old house
I feel its russet warmth
Comes from the senses to the mind
Jean Wahl

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The land appears to have been bought by a Mrs J Bird and the house was built between 1858 and 1861. She onsold the land, now with a house on it to a well regarded “old pioneer”Henry Winks who died there in February 1900. He came to Castlemaine at the time of the first big rush in 1853. In 1856 he opened up a tent making shop at Wesley Hill but moved to the Market Square in 1862. He purchased Wimereux the following year in 1863. He married and had nine children, the youngest of which was 12 years old when he died. He seems to have retired from “active” business when he moved to Wimereux so his last 40 years would have been that of a very happy wealthy man strolling the lawns and gardens and having children.

After his death the house went to his wife Agnes and was ultimately sold to Joseph Dunstan of Toorak in 1919 by Winks’ spinster daughter, Agnes. Dunstan married one of the famous Hoadley confectionery family in 1927. His family hailed from Guildford and descendants still live at Yapeen.

Some of the locals around here remember old Mrs Hoadley living here in the 60’s. I haven’t gone any further yet but I guess there were another couple of owners prior to my purchasing the property. It looks as though this very happy house was lived in by only two families for its first hundred years. Stable and private. The open cut mine that the house sits on was probably worked by a bloke named Brown after whom the street was named.

The name Wimereux seems to appear first after Dunstan took it over so my guess is that someone related, maybe a son or brother was treated at that military hospital in France during WW1. It is a seaside resort down from Calais.

There are pencil signatures on the bricks at the front western edge of the building with bombardier Dunstan being one.